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People often think of fire as a destructive force, and it can be. But fire also rejuvenates the land. Many grasses have evolved root systems that survive fires so they can be renewed, and some trees and other plants have seeds that only germinate after a fire has come through. Plus fires clean out old dead wood and other debris, making it easier for fresh plant life to grow. 

It’s like a picture of the tide coming in, somewhere in the Elemental Chaos.

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Creating Smiles with @willitbeard

For more photos and videos of Pierce’s beard, follow @willitbeard on Instagram.

Instagrammers across the world have been experimenting with using their hair as a home for a variety of inventive looks. US Instagrammer Pierce Thiot (@willitbeard) and his wife Stacy (@stacythiot) embarked on their creative beard collaboration after a family talent show. Pierce explains, “Stacy and I were in Dallas over the Christmas season and we were spending time with my parents. My mom had asked all the grandkids to do a talent show and it was adorable! I decided to try and get a laugh by sticking as many pencils in my beard as possible. A pair of scissors ended up in there, too! After that, I just thought it’d be cool to see spaghetti noodles in there. Then Stacy and I starting thinking about what else could ‘beard.’ It’s been a really fun project to work on together.”

Pierce and Stacy say they hope to put a smile on people’s faces with their account: “As long as someone laughs, or smiles, or it makes their day a little bit better, then it’s been a success. We don’t take this project too seriously. We just do it because it’s fun and we want to share some joy.”

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